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Altenew Inspiration Challenge – October 2022

Altenew Inspiration Challenge – October 2022

Hello friends and happy Tuesday! It is finally time for Altenew Inspiration Challenge for October. If you would like to see all the beautiful creations and find out more about this challenge, please click HERE. You still have time to submit your design if you wish to do so. 

This week is going to be inspired by cats, I call it Cat Week and if you are following me on Instagram you will see a bunch of cards with cats in them. And the reason for is because Saturday, October 29th is the National Cat Day, and as a cat lover I cannot have only one day that is dedicated to cats! 

So today, I am using Altenew products to create something completely different. I know that Alrenew’s main image are flowers, but, today we are doing cats instead!


The list of products used for this project:

Step One, stamping.

When you are stamping on watercolor paper, I suggest you use a stamping tool and a very juicy ink pad! Trust me this will make a huge difference in your stamping! 


Step two, coloring.

I then moved to coloring. 

I went with pink and yellow shades and with mixing them, you can always get different verities of colors. 

I simply smushed my inks on the silicone mat and added some water. 

I started off with the lightest shade of yellow and gradually kept adding more pigment. I used Blush color to color the cat and mixed Cotton Candy and Warm Sunshine for the pillow. 

Once I was happy with my image, I set it aside to dry. 

Next, it was time to create a background. 

I used all the colors and just kept on adding the pigment with a water brush, creating gradient pattern. 

One thing to keep in mind is that ink pigments will move differently on the paper as watercolor pigments would. What I have learned from this that dye pigments will sit on your paper and they are very hard to move and/or dilute. And that is normal, because they are not designed for water coloring. And last but not least tip that I can give you is to use your heat tool to dry your paper faster.  

Overall, I at the end, once the colors settled into the paper, it looked much better and I ended up liking it. 

Next, it was time to die cut the image that I colored previously. As you can see from the image, the colors have settled and look softer and much smoother. So keep this in mind when watercoloring. 

I used my die cut as a guide to where I wanted to stamp a little image of a cloud and a sentiment. These stamped images helped frame the die cut and helped tight everything together. 

Next, I added some Altenew foam tape to my die cut for some dimension and embellished it with clear half dome bubbles. 


I am so crazy about this card! The photo just doesn’t give it justice. It really turned out to be such a cool card and I love the unorthodox color blending. I thought it was going to be all muddy, but yet again, I surprised myself… 😊😉

What do you think?


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Altenew Inspiration Challenge - October 2022 - Lana by Lana Design
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