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California, USA
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How Does It Work?

We are all aware that we live in the busiest of times, consumed by technology, often forgetting which day it is… Showing the closest and dearest people in our lives that we care and that think of them is truly the most important thing.

Receiving an eCard can perhaps make your day, but it is not personal and it is temporary. You might think “It is the thought that matters”, yes, but it is sent to your loved ones by a senseless machine.

There is nothing more cheery and personal than receiving a card by mail.


Personalizing gratitude, thankfulness, happiness, love, and just about any other emotion varies from person to person. This is what I have in mind every time I create a card. If you do not have time to shop around for a perfect card, please look no further. I will make a perfect card for you, with your personal message and I will mail it for you… all with a click of a button.

Each of my cards is absolutely unique, hand made with professional grade materials and are made in the U.S.A. by small companies. By ordering my products, you are not only supporting me, but all those mom & pop shops that are competing with the leading brands like Papyrus or Hallmark.

Each card is made to fit personality of the recipient, I will help your manifest your feelings and visions with paper.

How it works: Simply fill out the BUILD A CARD (click here) form and leave as many details as you can. As soon as your card is made, I will then email you the image for your design approval. Once confirmed and completed, I will send the finish product either to you or a recipient of your choice via US Postal Service.

But that is not all! Lana by Lana Designs offers myriad of others customizable products: mugs, shirts, towels, signs big or small. If you are interested in finding out more about these services, please send an email to

And fun does not stop here!

Even though greeting cards are my specialty, and all things paper, creativity does not stop here. LBL Design offers myriad of customizable items to make your presents worth giving. 

New content coming soon. Stay tuned!  

For immediate assistance, please send your requests to 

How does it work? - Lana by Lana Design