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Beautiful Foiling

Beautiful Foiling

Hello dear friends and I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday. 

A couple of weeks ago I visited Hero Arts Headquarters. They had an amazing and really big  factory store sale and I have to bring and share some of that excitement with you. 

Hero Arts was extremely generous with their sale and items that you could get. Unfortunately, I had to limit myself mostly because of the lack of room in my craft room. One thing I really regret not getting are the inks; but, next year I will be more prepared. 



For today I decided to grab a couple of items from my pile and make an elegant card. 

For my card I used the folowing items:

I wanted to create a one layer card and the first thing I did was die cutting.  I made the flap shorter which gave such different and unique look. 

Next, I lined up the coordinating foil plate with the cut and foil the image. One thing that I recently discovered is the magic of Quick Release Die Paper. This is a phenomenal thing to have for everyone who loves to foil. This will get your foiling perfect every time! 

When I was done foiling, I realized that my card had a little line pressed on one side. I was not sure what exactly caused this, ad I should have been more careful. 

Instead of throwing my card away I decided to go on with it and do something creative with it. 

To cover my mistake, I used the gold metallic ink from HA. By using the grids on my surface, I taped my card with the masking tape and painted a gold line. To easily remove the tape and to dry the paint faster, I used a heat gun. 

Once that was done, I added a sentiment and embellished it with red jewels. and tge card was done in no time! 

Just love it! 

Simple, and elegant and fast! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help. 

Than you and see you next Tuesday! 

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