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Table Decor with Cardstock Warehouse

Table Decor with Cardstock Warehouse

Hello crafty friends! Welcome to my blog! 

This Tuesday we are continuing with home décor. I am a big sucker when it comes to home decorations and I always look for fun ways to decorate my home that will not break my buck. 

Last week I showed you how I created fun coffins and bats, and as I promised, today I am going to show you how to create fun napkin rings. 

I have three different ways that you can use to create these fun, napkin rings, 

  1. Using a Cricut, or some other type of a cutting machine like Scan N’ Cut, or Silhouette 
  2. Using a die cutting machine and use the partial die cutting technique 
  3. Fussy cut your shapes and attaching them to your precut rings
Before I start, I want to say that is really important what kind of paper you use. For all of my examples I am using the cardstock from Cardstock Warehouse. This is a beautiful, sturdy, good quality cardstock that you can use for a lot of projects. Aside from the fact that this paper/cardstock is made in the US, this paper/cardstock does not have a white core. This is especially important for us card makers and paper crafters. And this just proves the quality of this product. 

Method One: 

w/Cricut or any other Machine of such sort

For this project I used Ebony 100 lbs cardstock from Colorplan Collection. 

I purposely used the black paper for I wanted to decorate my table for Halloween. 

I also used a paste, Paper Glaze by Picket Fence Studio to color my shape and give it more interest. This step is optional.

First, I created my design in Cricut Design Space. I found an image of a bat that I liked in the gallery and added to my canvas. I then made sure it was centered and weld it on both sides of a rectangle. This rectangle was 7″x2.5″ but you can make it as wide and as long as you wish. If your napkins are thicker, you might need to make your rectangle a bit longer. I also added a little cut on the top of the right and bottom of my left image. This will allow me to fasten both ends together. 


Once I created one image, I simply duplicated them for making multiple rings and cut them with Cricut Maker 3. 

Next, it was time to decorate them. 

To make sure I put the Paper Glaze nice and even, I used a masking tape to mask the rest of a napkin ring. I simply used my finger to apply the paste on my paper (how sophisticated 😊) and I allowed it to fully dry before I peeled off the tape. Be very delicate when removing tape from your projects. If you realize that the tape is stuck, heat it up with a heat gun and gently peel it off within itself. 




Once the glaze was dry, I bent the paper in a circular motion to give it a shape of a ring and wrapped it around the napkin.

And that was done!  


Method Two: 

Partial Die Cutting Technique and Solid Dies

For this technique I used Carlet 100 lbs cardstock from Colorplan Collection and a stamp set from Altenew called Grape Leaves and the gold Paper Glaze from Picket Fence Studio. 

I first measured the length of the die and I then cut my paper widthwise; I used a full size paper (8 1/2 x 11) and cut my paper to be about 2 1/2 x 8 1/2. Next, I aligned my die to the paper and positioned the plates so I could only cut one half of my paper. I repeated the same on the other side. 

Next, I trimmed the excess paper and made straight cuts, just like my Cricut Maker did above. Next, I added the gold paste from Picket Fence Studio, and repeated the same last steps as mentioned above. 




And my napkin ring was done. You can also do embossing even watercoloring if you do not have this paste. I decided to quit at the last minute and to just add the paste, but you can go as crazy and creative as you wish here. 

Metod Three

Die Cutting or/& Fussy Cutting

This could be the easiest and, perhaps the fastest way to make your napkin rings with what you already have in your craft room or home. 

I used Turquoise and Pale Grey 100 lbs cardstock from Colorplan Collection.  

The snowflake die is from Gina K Design from one of the kits from last year and to give it more interest, I added some silver Paper Glaze from Picket Fence Studio. 

I die cut three snowflakes and in one of them I left all the little pieces. I then added silver paste and when it was dry, I layered the remaining two snowflakes. 

For more stability I added a little circle on the bottom of my snowflake. This will also help keep all those little die cut pieces together. I then cut a strip lengthwise that, was 1 1/5 ” wide. I realized that 8 1/2 ” length was too long, so I ended up trimming it off a little bit. Do this according to your napkin; if your napkin is fuller, make your ring wider, and vice versa. 





Then, I simply glued the ends together, and at the end I attached the snowflake on the top. 

And that was done! 

And that is it for today. 

This year your table could look very special for the holidays. All you need is a little creativity and I hope this post inspires you to do create fabulous and unique designs that will impress anyone. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for what you would like to see next, just drop me a line. 

See you soon with another post!

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