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Cardstock Warehouse Halloween Decor

Cardstock Warehouse Halloween Decor

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! 

Today, I am continuing with my home decor ideas. I really got inspired by watching all the cool Halloween shows and fun posts. 

Today’s post, and my home decor was inspired by a post that Cardstock Warehouse did a while back and I wanted to do something similar. 

If you are interested in seeing this post by Cardstock Warehouse, please click HERE. In this post Cardstock Warehouse made coffins and bats, a perfect combination for Halloween. And that is exactly what I did. 

The main component of this project was the paper from Cardstock Warehouse. I used their beautiful, black, heavy cardstock called Ebony. To purchase this cardstock click HERE



This project was not that hard, but rather time consuming. 

I found the images in Cricut Design Space and simply just cut desired images.




These were my coffin cuts.

Yes, I cut more than I need, but, again, it it better to have extra than having to go through the cutting processes again. 

And then, I simply reinforced the folds and simply glued everything together. 




And my coffin is done, I simply assembled all of my coffins , grabbed my already cut  bats and went on a home decorating frenzy!

I am a huge sucker for Halloween and all holidays. I love to decorate my home to the occasion. and I am simply never done!

There is a little bonus piece that I made from the cardstock  from Cardstock Warehouse. I made some napkins rings and I will be telling you more about them in the following post. 

There is a little technical detail that I am going to explain how to do, and it is better to leave it for another post. 

Here are some images of the things that I made from the beautiful Ebony cardstock from Cardstock Warehouse. 

What to you think?

Cardstock Warehouse Halloween Decor - Lana by Lana Design
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