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Level 2, Lesson 4 – Creative Watercolor Media with Jennifer Rzasa

Level 2, Lesson 4 – Creative Watercolor Media with Jennifer Rzasa

Hello everyone and welcome to a new blog post! This is Lesson 4 and slowly, but surely I am moving along.

Today’s lesson is about watercoloring and one of my favorite coloring medium. I have to admit that I have been avoiding this technique for quite some time until I got “brave” enough to try it. I still have a lot to learn about this technique, but at least I am no longer intimidated by it.

Which brings me to today’s design.

This card, created by Jennifer Rzasa is today’s inspiration. She used gold embossing and beautiful shades of purple for this design. I just love this combination and I decided to do something similar.

For the first time I used metallic watercolors like regular watercolors and, I was impressed that if done right, you can also achieve shading with this technique.

Supply list:

I first took a piece of watercolor paper and covered it with Distress Oxide Ink. I used Weathered Wood for a more subtle background, but for this technique you can use any color you like/have. After I covered the complete paper with ink, I then used a spray bottle and sprayed a light mist of water all over it. This will allow for ink to blend a little bit better and it just creates such a nice and unique background. I was too impatient and I used my heat gun to dry this, but you can also leave it overnight; for some this could be a better option because the paper might not warp as much. I then cut the paper to size and embossed a flower in gold. I wanted to add some leaves to the image as well, so I created a mask using masking paper. I then added a sentiment to my card base and moved to coloring.

Below is a short video of my coloring. Enjoy it!

And once I let my watercolors dry, I simply attached it to the base, and the card was done!

This is such a special card and definitely a special way to make one of a kid card! I love these metallic colors by Altenew. They are so creamy and what I like most about them is that they do not rub off, but stay put on your paper.

I hope you liked and enjoyed today’s design. If you have any comments and/or suggestions please let me know in the comment box below.

Thank you for visiting me today and see you soon with a new post!

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  • Erum Tasneem
    Posted April 14, 2021 at 8:04 am

    The card you shared is created by Debby Hughes actually. Anyone can recognize a Debby Hughes card :) I am glad you enjoyed the class. Thank you for submitting your work to the AECP assignment gallery.

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Level 2, Lesson 4 - Creative Watercolor Media with Jennifer Rzasa - Lana by Lana Design
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