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AECP Update!

AECP Update!

Howdy! This is just a quick announcement, because I am so exited and wanted to share it with you!

I have finally come up with a concept for my final challenge and I am so super exited to say that has been approved by Altenew. They actually found it quite original and unexpected and to be honest with you, that was my goal! I will not reveal any details about the project. I will, however, tell you that I will be making Christmas cards with a twist and I am happy to share the name of my workshop:


My final challenge is scheduled for the 18th of September at 9:00 AM PST via Zoom.

I have prepared wonderful kits for 5 lucky participants that are part of AECP Family. These kits are truly special and a I put a lot of thoughts into creating them and I am absolutely certain that The Lucky 5 will love them and appreciate them and use certain items for their future projects.

As of right now I have picked four participants; There is an open spot for only one more participant and I will be choosing this person in the next day or two and we will be ready to go!

Super fun!!

See you in the next post! Cheers!

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