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09.11.2001 – 09.11.2021.

09.11.2001 – 09.11.2021.

A tragic day that changed the world forever.

This blog post is remembrance in honor of those who tragically lost their lives 20 years ago.

You will never be forgotten.

Since this day a day of big significance for every American, I decided to do something meaningful to commemorate this day. I will be volunteering to pack boxes for active duty troops. Aside for just going and volunteering, I have made a total of 350 cards to put in packages.

I first created a design in Canva, an online platform for graphic design; You have seen me use it several times in the past. Once I had my design I went to my local Michael’s store and bought watercolor paper as well as card bases with matching envelopes. Since this was a big project I went to Staples where they cut my paper for my card front and for my inside notes. My plan was to have a little party at my house where people will help write personal messages, but that required a lot of organizing and time, so I simply decided to print it as well. Once I had everything printed and cut to size it was time to glue it together, and cards were done! I do have to admit that it took me two days to complete this project, but it was totally worth it and I would do it again.

Thank you for visiting me today and I will see you soon with another post.

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09.11.2001 - 09.11.2021. - Lana by Lana Design
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