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Name this Technique…

Name this Technique…

Howdy! Happy Tuesday! 

Today I wanted to share something that, I honestly do not recall seeing it, nor I recall doing it, ever. I am not sure if there is a name for such technique and if there is, please let me know. 

I am just going to call it “Fill In” technique.

I came up with this idea just simply by brainstorming and what I am going to do with the small stamps, and then I though of mega dies… and the idea was born. So let me show you what I did. 

But, first, let’s go over the supply list:

There is just one more thing that I would like to mention before I start with my instructions. Aside from Chicory Bunch Stamp Set, there are two more sets that I believe compliment each other: Baby’s Breath and Berry Branch Stamp Sets. All of these three stamp sets, along with the matching dies, can be purchase as one set called Electric Vibes

The first step is aways stamping.  I used bunch of leftover paper to stamp the images on. This is why is so great to have small stamp sets in your stash. Next, I simply colored them with Altenew alcohol markers and die cut them. 

I still continued with the basics. I then die cut the big letters H and B from the Mega Alphabet Die set. I also used scraps for this. I love when I don’t have to use a brand new sheet of paper in my crafts. Since these dies are big, I had to use a bigger die cutting machine to cut the letters. I ended up cutting more than I needed, and I think will be making more Happy Birthday cards. 

Next, I simply signed up the die cuts and glued them together. I used liquid adhesive for this, but you can use whatever you have, just make sure it’s a strong adhesive. 

Once the letters were done, I took the die cuts and simply arranged them on the letters.  I find the liquid adhesive is your friend here because you have a couple of seconds to re move and adjust your pieces before they are glued permanently. 

Alter I arranged my flowers and the letters are completely covered with die cuts, I took a pair of scissors and trim off the edges. This step is optional. You can always leave the die cuts untrimmed, I think they also look good like that, I just wanted a more polished look. 

And the letters were done! 

Trimming the flowers inside the letters seemed to me a bit tedious, and I like a little bit more of the flowers showing. If you wish to trim yours, you can use an exacto knife and trim it very slowly. 

After my letters were completed, I used  the Altenew’s All About Wishes Die Set to cut “happy birthday” and I used gold glitter paper also from Altenew. 

And last, but not least, assembly!


And the card was done! 

I have to say that this look impressed me very much. There is a lot of dimension and you can combine different die cuts and color to create this look. I absolutely love it.  

Thank you for stopping by and checking my blog for today. 

 I will see you soon with a brand new post! 

Name this Technique... - Lana by Lana Design
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