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Love is in the air…

Love is in the air…

… and everywhere I look around.

The month of love is almost here! Can you believe that we are almost two months in the new 2020? It feels like it was yesterday that I wished a happy New Year to everyone and all of the sudden, a new year is not so new anymore…

Time flies when you’re having fun!

This is just a quick and a short note from me. I would like to share some good news: I am slowly expanding and starting February, my designs can be purchased at Woodlands Market in Tiburon, CA as well as Woodlands Floral Shop in Kentfield, CA. This is super exciting and I am over the moon.

I just cannot thank you all enough for all your support.

Happy Valentine’s Day and spread the love, and not just today, but everyday, today is only a reminder…

All the best, much love,


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Love is in the air... - Lana by Lana Design
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