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Hello Sunshine – Custom Project

Hello Sunshine – Custom Project

Hello friends and welcome to the new addition of LBL Design. I hope you are pleased with a brand new look as much as I am.  

Today, I am sharing something that was/is so special to me and something that I so proud of sharing. To be frank, this is one of my favorite projects I have ever done.  

So, this is how everything began: My best friend asked me if I could do something special for her mother in law. She wanted something personal and unique, and of course she reached out to me. It was such an honor to create something personal, and there was only one thong that my friend sent to me, a little image via text message

The project needed to contain 30 note cards with matching envelopes. So, this is how I did it. 

The first step was creating an SVG file. Because I wanted to use my Cricut Maker, I needed this image to be in the SVG format. Once that was completed, everything else was easy. 

I created a custom design in Cricut Design Space and used a debossing tool to “draw” or deboss the image on paper. Since I wanted the imprints to be deep and pronounced, I used 100 % cotton watercolor paper to create note cards. Whenever I am creating a high end note card set, I always use this type of paper. It is heavier, better quality and more sophisticated than any other cardstock out there. 

Once the Maker finished debossing and cutting, I hand painted the lines with gold paint. This is what gave it that extra layer of sophistication.


The next step were the envelopes. I also used Cricut Design Space for this. I created the matching envelopes with the same design on envelope flaps; and thank to Print & Cut Feature, I was able to design, print and cut matching envelope liners. For this I used lightweight vellum. 

Note: If you wish to do the same, keep in mind that I used a laser printer for printing. I am not sure if ink from inkjet printers will stick on vellum. And if you are indeed using a lightweight vellum, make sure that your maker is not set to high settings.   

Next, it was time for engraving. 

This was a “topper” that I wanted to put on top of the box. I used natural basswood to create the topper. 

After the engraving was done, I simply sanded my topper with an extremely fine grid sandpaper and stained it with a wood stain I already had on hand.

And in the meantime, my husband was working on creating a wood box. Playing with and creating things from wood is my husband’s hobby. He knew that this project was a special one and he wanted to contribute as well. 

And here came my favorite part! Packing and putting it together! I printed out some extra vellum paper to line the box with it and carefully put the stationery in. 

And, the last step, wrapping. 

And, now you see why this project deserves its own page. 

I enjoyed making this stationery set so much. Honestly, it does not get any more personalized than this.

I hope you find this post inspiring. Feel free to let me know what you think and thank you for visiting. 

See you all soon with a new post! 


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Hello Sunshine - Custom Project - Lana by Lana Design
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