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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wow, a second month of the new 2022 has already began and I am still removing Christmas decorations that are left behind… Time is truly flying too fast!

Since we are in the month of love, it was time for some new Valentine ideas. This season I came up with something completely different from anything I’ve ever designed. I experimented a little bit and I have to admit that I absolutely fell in love with these designs.

Everything started after I held a live card making tutorial on Instagram back in October (CLICK HERE). I used a wax seal stamp from Altenew and people seemed to enjoy this very much. From that moment I started looking into creating more designs with wax seals and I started looking for some different and unique wax seal stamps.

I recently discovered a US company called 1928 Jewelry where I discovered one of the most beautiful wax seal stamps I have ever seen. The absolute best thing about this company is that these wax seal stamps are made in the US and I just could not have been happier once I found this out. I just absolutely love these stamps and you will be seeing me using them more often in my designs.

For this Valentine I decided to put emphasis on my wax seal stamp and build my cards around it. I created two beautiful and very romantic designs and they are available to purchase at my shop.

My first design, named “Cupid“, features a full sheet of high quality vellum and a beautiful bright red heart. A true romantic and delicate card.

My second card is somewhat different. I wanted to follow the same theme and this card is called “Be My Valentine“. A perfect card for a brand new love, but it will do a trick for all of those who want to express their feelings a little bit more.

Both of these cards have the same backgrounds: an image of an old dictionary with the definition of the word “love”. An unexpected way to express your love for someone and the best way to begin is by explaining the meaning of the word “love”; and a beautiful wax seal heart just tights everything together and gives so much more charm and sophistication.

These designs are one of my favorite ones and I will be using this style of cards more often.

What do you think?

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Happy Valentine's Day! - Lana by Lana Design
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