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Gemini Accessories – Magnetic Shim (1PK)


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SKU: gemini-accessories---magnetic-shim-(1pk) Category: Product ID: 1564


  • Designed to be used with the large Gemini machine
  • Helps with intricate die-cutting
  • Pack contains one shim
  • Add an extra layer in between your cutting plates by using the Magnetic Shims for the Gemini Die-Cutting and Embossing Machine.

    Shims are used in die-cutting to make the cutting-plate-die-paper-cutting-plate sandwich a little bit thicker. This helps to get an even more precise cut from your dies, especially if they are highly detailed or thin.

    This shim is also magnetic, so they will keep your dies in place while they roll through the machine. This means that you can use multiple dies at once without fear of them moving about or colliding with each other.

    To care for your shim, please flip and rotate after each pass. If the shim does start to bow, flip over and pass through until it is flat again, then continue to flip and rotate as normal.


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