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It’s my Party Too – Spellbinders NEW RELEASE!

It’s my Party Too – Spellbinders NEW RELEASE!

Hello my dear friends! I know it’s been a very long time since I posted, but it has been very busy and hectic around here.

I will have more stuff to post and play with most likely in October, but until then I have some super exciting news that I have  to share now.

Spellbinders contacted me last week asking me if I wanted to be a part of a brand new release, and you cannot believe how exited I was about this!

There will be a lot to play with and some new inspirations are coming soon, but today I am going to focus on one hot plate. 

There will be a detail YouTube tutorial out soon. I will post it here. 


When I first saw this plate I knew exactly what I wanted to make. This foil plate is called Glimmering Poppin’ Birthday (click HERE)and it comes with coordinating die. 

The first thing that came to mind was a pop up card, but, that was too easy. I had to take it up a notch and I decided to go with an envelope. 

I was so impressed with the results and I am certain that you will be too. 

Here is the list of items that you are going to need for this project:

Before anything, I like to turn on my Glimmer Foil Machine so it can get nice and warm while I cut the foil and paper to size. Since I will be creating a lot of colorful flowers, the best way for them to pop is when put against dark, or black background. The paper I chose for my envelope is by DSWV and trimmed it to 10 x 10″, and put it aside. 

The black card stock that I used to create the sentiment is 110 lbs cardstock by Cardstock Warehouse. If you have never heard of this paper company, they are one of the best in the industry. Wonderful collection of cardstock and envelopes, and the best part, everything is US made! 

By the time I was getting my paper trimmed and got all my tools in order, the Hot Glimmer Machine was ready and I was done with my sentiment in no time. And that is how you save time! 


One thing about Spellbinders that I absolutely love is their incredible collection of flowers. Almost every die set that you buy has some kind of flowers in it that you can use in so many different projects. That is how I have a dish full of small floral dies. The one die set that I recommend is the “Butterfly Card Creator” (click HERE). This die set is absolutely incredible and a must have. I used leaves and flowers from this set in my project. 

Another die that I used in today’s project is a die from the “Pop-Up Butterfly” die set, also by Spellbinders (click HERE). 

Next step, die cutting.

One of the best things about having a big die cutting machine, such as Platinum 8 is that you can cut multiple pieces at one time, which also saves you a lot of time. I grabbed my assortment of bright color cardstock and went to town! 

One more tip that I can give you is to use your scraps for projects like this. Almost all of pieces of cardstock that I used for today’s projects are scraps. 

After die cutting is done, it was time to move to assembly. 

The first thing I did is create my little mechanism  that will help me with the pop-up sentiment. If you remember, for this I used the die from the “Pop-up Butterfly” and I cut a little tab off one side and left the other one on. The reason being so I could form a little square and that little tab will help me glue everything together. 

Next, it was time to assemble the flowers. To shape flowers I used a tool kit from Spellbinders, called “Susan’s Garden Ultimate Tool Kit’ (click HERE

Envelope - How To

The first step is to mark the center of the paper. Just make an “X” by connecting the two opposite corners and draw a diagonal line. 

Next, you need to mark 1/8″ from the center on one line and simply fold the corners to that mark. 

Then, just trim off the little corers with scissors.


Because I want my envelope to be shallow so I could fit more flowers, I used masking tape to mark where the top flap ends. Which helped me determine how much to trim off. 

Next, make sure you align the top and the bottom of your envelope with the paper trimmer (like shown on the photo) and cut. 

I did the same thigh with the bottom flap. I used masking tape to help me determine how much to cut and …

… just glue the flaps together and you are done! 

And finally, time to decorate! I started off by attaching the little box “mechanism” to the top flap. Before you glue it permanently, I suggest you use removable adhesive to make sure everything works how you want. 

Next, add the sentiment and if everything goes well, simply glue it in place. 

I started with adding the leaves, and then built up.

I then added the flowers and this is when things started coming together. I added flowers on top and the bottom, inside and the outside. One thing that you should focus on is just periodically close the flap just to make sure nothing is peaking out. 

And, at the end, I added some bling to the center of the flowers. And the inside was done! 

And, last but not least! This envelope needs to close shut somehow. Well here is a little trick. For all of you who follow me, know very well how crazy I am about wax seals. I have this big wax seal stamp that I’ve never used and I found that this is a perfect occasion.

I used pink and gold wax and simply pour one over the other and stmped. 

As a result you will get this phenomenal look, and to make it even more polished, I simply trimmed off the ends and 

Now, here comes the trick. To get these envelopes to close, I like to use little velcro dots. These specific ones I found at Michels and they do an exceptional job. 

I simply peeled off the film that velcro was attached to and glued it to the envelope. 

And the project was done!

I simply could not have been happier with how this turned out. So vibrant and happy and the sentiment just pop up, like it should! 

One tip that I can give you is, instead of doing a velcro, perhaps you could wrap a ribbon around your envelope and present it that way, like a true gift! 

And, with this we wrap this project. Remember, there are two more projects coming and do not forget to check out the YouTube channel for a detail tutorial. I will be posting it sometime this week. 

Thank you and see you soon with a new post! 

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